Emerge, Renewed, into a free & authentic life


I can tell that Dominey truly embodies what she preaches, and she is so dedicated to helping people with all of her essence.

Mario Lanzarotti
Coach – Speaker

[…I have had the privilege of working with a truly exceptional individual who has provided invaluable support and guidance.

Dominey has assisted me in embracing authenticity, which has enabled my true self to come through in my work.

This has not only resulted in a deeper sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in my professional pursuits, but has also allowed me to connect more authentically with those I serve…]

Kevin Hoover
Executive Coach, New Jersey

"I've done a lot of workshops and seminars, I'm a coach myself, so I've seen what that process can be like. But I have yet to experience what I've experienced here!"

Drasko Raicevic
Ontario, Canada

Emotional anguish to confidence and freedom in 8 weeks

Conor Bridgeman
Dublin, Ireland

I’ve seen a lot of therapists, I’ve talked to a lot of specialists to try to crack the code on what’s going on with me, which was holding me back, causing me discomfort, and lack of happiness… but in less than 3 sessions with Dominey those things almost completely disappeared!

Marni Kinrys
Los Angeles, USA

“Thank you, Dominey. You helped me find a new life.”

Mark B
Concord, USA

"She'll go deeper to help you figure out what subconscious beliefs you have that are holding you back from getting the ideal life you want.

You can't go wrong with Dominey"

Brock Gant
Chicago, USA

"Dominey’s Art of Authenticity is a very well thought out and skillfully designed course of introspection that will take you straight to the core of who you are in order to identify the true sources of your behavior patterns.

[…] This is the single best investment you can make in yourself that will create lasting change in who you see yourself as being and how you interact with the world as that person. But the investment goes beyond money, be prepared to work ‘cause Dominey has a well honed and innate ability to take you deep down the rabbit hole. You definitely will not regret the investment you put into yourself."

Jed Davis
San Diego CA


 You're working to change our world. 

Let me help you change yours.

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