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I let my work speak for itself:

“As well as achieving the results I so desired in the beginning – ending old relationship patterns and now finding myself in a loving, committed relationship – I have also come to know myself on a much deeper level. With Dominey as a supportive and knowledgeable guide, I have explored new perspectives, let go of limiting self beliefs, and most of all found ways to connect with my innate ability to shape and enrich my own life.”

-D.H., Orlando FL

“The same issues plagued me for years. Social situations evoked anxiety and awkwardness. I want to engage, yet there I stand silent, uninteresting, self-conscious, and embarrassed at my inability to contribute to the conversation. For years I used alcohol and other drugs as a remedy…
Dominey’s conversations with me quickly became some of the most profound, memorable, and inspiring moments of my life. There was even a cessation of my desire for substances and compulsive behavior. My Faith, which I had forsaken for most of my life, renewed itself…
I believe wholeheartedly in Dominey’s ability to empower and transform. She provides a comfortable and therapeutic environment that facilitates exploration of beliefs and unresolved conflicts. Her method paves the way for insights and individual wisdom enabling personal and spiritual growth…
I highly recommend Ms. Drew’s expertise to anyone struggling to connect with themselves, the world, or others. If you are seeking the way to an improved life perspective, an understanding of yourself, or the opportunity to step away from what’s holding you back, smile. Here it is.”

– Frank Stabile, New Jersey

“Dominey has given the blessing of freedom to many locked in the confines of internal struggle…she additionally in moments sees fit to be a mentor and sister of guidance for those of an evolving path like myself.

– Cam G., Indianapolis IN

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