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Dominey Drew is the gold standard in personal and relationship coaching. She uses a powerful process of self-awareness and mindset management that helps people see how they're blocking themselves from achieving the success and happiness they desire. Join Dominey and her guests as they examine the psychology, spirituality, and logistics behind what it truly means to be authentically – and effortlessly – yourself.

In today's episode I get to interview Dr Danny Brassell – Danny is known as America's leading reading ambassador, and is a pillar in the leadership, training and literacy arena. He's worked with children all over the world, teaching them not only how to read, but how to LOVE reading. As an avid bookworm myself I love Danny's message. Geek out with us as we discover how connecting with books and stories will actually connect us to ourselves – providing a powerful experience of self-enrichment.

"Captain Underpants is the gateway drug to Shakespeare" – with Dr. Danny Brassell

PODCAST EPISODE – Jul 21 – 71 min

Join me and my killer guest today – the real Brimstone! Brimstone shares hilarious stories and lessons learned from his amazing career (s): professional wrestling, many years in the music and entertainment industry, and his journey becoming a successful entrepreneur. Among many other topics, we chat about social media and how we portray ourselves online, how to communicate your kinks to your partner, how to (and how NOT to) approach someone with celebrity status or who is in high demand, and how to approach and make contact in a non-threatening way. Yes that's right – you're gonna learn how to approach a women gently from a guy who makes his living beating the crap out of people. This is an episode not to miss

How to Approach ANYone with Guest: BRIMSTONE!

PODCAST EPISODE – Jul 8 – 68 min

Join Dominey as she shares experiences, learnings and growth from her epic road trip around the US. In today's episode she talks about what it was like to leave her home and community and the difficulties it posed, even though it was the right thing for her to do. This work makes everything easier, smoother, and more effortless. To learn more, visit Dominey's website: domineydrew.com

Random Musings VI

PODCAST EPISODE – April 5 – 2 min

Dating coach Dominey Drew joins Elissa and Rhianna to share how she's able to solve issues in mere minutes what people have struggled with for decades. She shares how she walks the talk herself and how mindset is everything when it comes to attracting the life we ​​want.

Attracting The Life You Want (Ft. Dominey Drew)

PODCAST EPISODE – Feb 01 – 51 min

What kind of relationship are you expecting to find? You might be saying you want something wonderful but if subconsciously you are expecting it to turn out bad or not even get passed her agreeing to a date, then you are sabotaging any chance of that relationship happening. Mindset seems to come up around most subjects these days.

Attract And Create The Relationship Of Your Dreams

PODCAST EPISODE – Feb 23 – 62 min

Have you tried everything and nothing's worked? Are you afraid that you might be beyond help? Are you worried that coaching won't work for you? This episode, my friend, is for you.

For Those Who Think They Are Beyond Help

PODCAST EPISODE – Mar 03 – 44 min

In today's titillating episode, Dominey is joined by Tom Jackobs – a specialist in training sales reps for his clients' companies. Tom has a fascinating and highly relevant approach to selling, that translates seamlessly into approaching and "selling" yourself with women so that you can show off the best aspects of yourself and get the best results.

Dating as Sales with Tom Jackobs

PODCAST EPISODE – Feb 25 – 58 min

Today's episode may just be one of my favorites. I am joined by Bobbi Kahler – a coach, entrepreneur and athlete who has not just overcome massive adversity, she kicked its ass and took names. Bobbi has an insightful view on resilience, inner strength, and perseverance that can be applied to every area of ​​life. We talk about the fear of rejection, people pleasing, speaking your truth and above all – how to stop giving away your power.

Building a Mosaic from Your Broken Past – Guest Bobbi Kahler

PODCAST EPISODE – Jan 12 – 59 min

In this episode, I interview Alex Sanfilippo, an entrepreneur and someone who has made major changes in his life. He shares with us not only his experiences of having it all and then losing it all, but a step by step exercise that you can put into practice today that will show you how to do more by doing less starting NOW. Check it out!

More Success by Doing Less with Alex Sanfilippo

PODCAST EPISODE – Jan 20 – 60 min

Join me and my guest Ambika Devi as we delve into how to use the mystical realms to attract the right relationship. We talk about astrology, meditation, journaling and more.

Meditate Your Way to a Successful Relationship with Guest Ambika Devi

PODCAST EPISODE – Jan 13 – 63 min

Today Michael Fleischner joins me and shares his incredible story of transformation. Michael had it ALL – he was successful, confident, super handsome (my words), and… miserable. Then he made one choice that changed it all – he hired the right coach. Join us today as Michael shares his fantastic story and the secret he discovered to REAL happiness.

Happy Vs Successful with Guest Michael Fleischner

PODCAST EPISODE – Jan 6 – 69 min

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