Is Loneliness Keeping You Single??

Did you know that loneliness can actually KEEP you single??


Well, emotions are not just feelings, they have substance which means they also have inertia. So the more you spend time feeling something, the more you feel it. And if that feeling is loneliness, then this negates any momentum you had toward getting OUT of this space and meeting someone amazing.


Now, loneliness feels awful obviously, so it’s completely natural that when it comes up we want to either push it away (denial), or tell ourselves it’s not that bad and get used to it (resignation).

But in actuality, even though resigning yourself to it might make you feel a bit better momentarily, it is the worst thing you could possibly do.

Because if you let this become familiar, you become accustomed to it and you SETTLE.

You know this place, right?

You want to meet someone but you can’t and you don’t know why,  so eventually you get used to it. You tell yourself, “It’s not so bad” and you adjust to life being this way.

The fact is that the more time you spend telling yourself that you’re okay where you are, the harder it is to leave that place and move into where you actually want to be.

So, what does this mean?


If you spend a lot of time being lonely then it makes more loneliness more likely.

The longer you stay in a place you don’t really like, the more it normalizes and becomes what you expect, and think is “likely”. And the harder it is to change it and become really happy.

I’ve recorded a short video for you today to show you how you can avoid falling into this trap.

Here’s what I cover:

– How loneliness leads to more loneliness
– Why telling yourself you’re “just fine” will never work
– Why this is 100% certain to perpetuate itself and keep you single and alone
– What you need to do to get yourself OUT of the loneliness rut, once and for all!

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To Living Your Best Life!

-Dominey Drew, MSc

Do Nice Guys REALLY Finish Last?

I bet you hear this from women all the time:

“You’re such a nice guy, but…”

The dreaded ‘nice guy’ trap.

I cannot tell you how many men I speak to who tell me, “women don’t want nice guys, they want **ssholes.”. Well, that’s not actually the case, but it can look that way from your perspective.

Because you keep getting rejected, tossed to the side, chosen second and unappreciated, right?

Actually if you can believe it, you are EXACTLY what most women want. In fact women are out there every single day looking for men just like you. 

So why do they not date you??

One Very. Simple. Reason.

I’ve recorded a short video for you today, to explain why. Here’s what I cover:

– Why it looks like nice guys finish last

– Why this is in reality a total farce and nice guys really can own the game

– Exactly what you need to do to get there

This is an incredibly powerful video and you’re NOT gonna want to miss it.

How our past experiences keep us single

One of the main things that keeps us single is our past negative experiences.

We look at our past experiences, analyze what happened logically, then adjust our future behavior to avoid what we think caused that relationship to fail. Sounds like it makes sense, right?

But it will fail Every. Single. Time.


Because we’re reaching the wrong conclusions!

We take a guess at what we THINK caused our past relationships to fail, but we almost never guess correctly, because the answers are almost never logical. So then we adjust and limit the choices we make in the future based off what we thing went wrong last time and we start to try and avoid THAT THING.

Here’s an example:

You date a woman you really like who has two teenage children. You and she get along beautifully but she is one of those parents who won’t say “no” to her children, so her kids are jerks. They talk back, are unaware of the people around them, talk loudly on the phone, and care only about themselves. Eventually this caused issues between you and her and you were forced to end the relationship.
After that, you thought to yourself: if it hadn’t been for those children, this would have worked out and she and I would be happy forever. So now, I’m going to date only women who don’t have children.


Isn’t that just smart?

This response seems like it makes sense – remove the object that was causing the problem and solve the relationship issue, right? Well, not really.

Because the problem there wasn’t that she had kids, the problem was that she wasn’t able to stand in her power as a parent and teach them how to behave. Had she been able to do that, the kids would have been lovely, respectful humans and would have complimented your relationship, or at least worked to integrate you into their lives. 

So, how does this lead to keeping you single?

I’ve recorded a short video for you here to show you exactly how this works. And how to identify what the REAL problem is so you can avoid another failed relationship. 

Here’s what I cover:

       – How basing your “why” off of past experience can have you chasing your tail and getting no results
       – Why your last breakup probably wasn’t for the reason you thought it was
       – How to tell what the exact issue is, every time – and not make the same mistakes again

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To Living Your Best Life!

Are you waiting for a woman, to be happy?

The other day, a client told me: “I need a girlfriend. When I have a girlfriend, I will be happy.”

Oooooh man! This kind of thinking is so common, but incredibly flawed. 

Here’s why:

The moment you start putting the responsibility of your own happiness on to someone else, it’s a slippery slope. Because it’s flat out NOT someone else’s job to do that. Your emotional state, happiness level (and life!) are entirely on you. It’s yours to make as wonderful or as miserable as you want.

That’s the beauty of life!! 😉

Not only that, but that kind of thinking repels people instead of attracting them, and is GUARANTEED to keep you single. I’ve recorded a short video for you to explain why, and show you what to do about it.

Here’s what I cover: 

  • The three reasons that putting off your happiness will keep you single
  • How living that way will make you feel like less of a man, and massively damage your self-confidence
  • The fastest way to turn this thinking around and begin attracting the right women IMMEDIATELY

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Is a lack of trust keeping you single??

Hey guys!

I woke up this morning thinking about the podcast episode I recorded last week on trust. In it, I talked about how lack of trust is one of the main ways that people keep themselves single – and it’s true.

Make no mistake: if you’ve been hurt before and are walking around in life bracing yourself against it happening again, it will absolutely keep away the women you want to attract. People can feel the reality of what’s happening beneath the surface, even if you’re not aware of it.

(Imagine if you were AWARE of what was happening inside you and what women were seeing when they looked at you! Then you could address it directly instead of wondering why the people you want seem to not like you. That’s what I teach my clients how to do!)

But often, struggling with trust doesn’t look the way you might think, and a lot of guys don’t even realize that’s the problem. And in fact there’s one way I see men keep themselves single EVERY DAY without even noticing they’re doing it. Is this you??

I’ve recorded a super short video today for you to help you see whether or not this is you. And if it is, what to do about it. Here’s what I’m going to cover in it:

– How to recognize if you have difficulties trusting

– Where they tend to start

– How to fix it

– The tricky, unexpected way I see men keep themselves single EVERY DAY (You won’t believe this one!)

If you are single and don’t know why, this video is for you.

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To your success!

Dominey Drew, MSc.

How is Self-Sabotage Keeping You Single?

Dominey Drew here, from the Art of Attraction. You know, I’ve spent most of my life sabotaging myself. It’s true. It always felt as though I had one foot on the gas pedal in life, and one foot on the brake. Ultimately, I never felt like I was going anywhere!

Finally, I decided I’d had enough and learned EXACTLY how to finally eliminate my self-sabotage forever. I was so impressed with this process that I spent the next 15 years studying it, training in it and teaching it. My life has changed 180 degrees since then!!

Now, I am happy every single day – I have incredible relationships, incredible success in business, and incredible positivity in my outlook which used to be ruled by negativity and self-doubt.

And now, I teach men how to eliminate their self-sabotage around women and relationships. There are three main issues I see holding guys back from what they want around women:

1) they are doing everything right and have no idea why it isn’t working,

2) they are struggling with approach anxiety and are afraid to approach women they really want, or

3) they repeatedly attract the wrong women over and over again.

Any of these sound like you? Well, it’s not all bad – the good news is that every single one of those issues is within your control to fix. I had all of them and fixed every one!!

Today I thought I’d shoot a quick video for you about how exactly self-sabotage is the ONLY thing keeping you single: check it out!