Do Nice Guys REALLY Finish Last?

I bet you hear this from women all the time:

“You’re such a nice guy, but…”

The dreaded ‘nice guy’ trap.

I cannot tell you how many men I speak to who tell me, “women don’t want nice guys, they want **ssholes.”. Well, that’s not actually the case, but it can look that way from your perspective.

Because you keep getting rejected, tossed to the side, chosen second and unappreciated, right?

Actually if you can believe it, you are EXACTLY what most women want. In fact women are out there every single day looking for men just like you. 

So why do they not date you??

One Very. Simple. Reason.

I’ve recorded a short video for you today, to explain why. Here’s what I cover:

– Why it looks like nice guys finish last

– Why this is in reality a total farce and nice guys really can own the game

– Exactly what you need to do to get there

This is an incredibly powerful video and you’re NOT gonna want to miss it.

Are you waiting for a woman, to be happy?

The other day, a client told me: “I need a girlfriend. When I have a girlfriend, I will be happy.”

Oooooh man! This kind of thinking is so common, but incredibly flawed. 

Here’s why:

The moment you start putting the responsibility of your own happiness on to someone else, it’s a slippery slope. Because it’s flat out NOT someone else’s job to do that. Your emotional state, happiness level (and life!) are entirely on you. It’s yours to make as wonderful or as miserable as you want.

That’s the beauty of life!! 😉

Not only that, but that kind of thinking repels people instead of attracting them, and is GUARANTEED to keep you single. I’ve recorded a short video for you to explain why, and show you what to do about it.

Here’s what I cover: 

  • The three reasons that putting off your happiness will keep you single
  • How living that way will make you feel like less of a man, and massively damage your self-confidence
  • The fastest way to turn this thinking around and begin attracting the right women IMMEDIATELY

Are you ready to FINALLY experience success in your dating life? I can help. Schedule a call to chat:

The #1 Mistake I See Men Make That Keeps Them Single

This morning I spoke to a man who has struggled for YEARS to find and talk to attractive women.

I asked him what specifically tended to happen when he saw those women.

“I start to feel nervous, have no idea what to say, and then start to overanalyze the situation.”

In short, he psychs himself out and never ends up approaching her at all.

Does this sound familiar to you?

I work with a lot of single men, helping them through these frustrating and repetitive issues (many of which have been going on their entire lives). So they can openly and easily attract a woman that really loves them for them. And for most of them, this is really what they want – that real, substantial companionship, acceptance and emotional support that comes with a really good, lasting relationship.

But if you carry beliefs in your subconscious that nobody wants you or that you’re not good enough, you can bet that that will keep you single. Even if you do manage to get the nerve up to go talk to someone you REALLY want, that deep insecurity will show through and she’ll feel it, because it’s lurking in your subconscious – unfortunately there’s no hiding what you really believe.

But although there’s no fixing this while the belief remains, there IS a way to address that belief directly and solve the problem. PERMANENTLY.

I help people do this every day.

So if this sounds like you and you’re tired of the anxiety, frustration, and “stuck-ness” of your dating life, reach out and schedule a call with me. It’s free, and you’ll spend an hour getting insight on what the problem is. You’ll be more informed, more clear, and more confident about your ability to fix this issue.

The relationship you want is right on the other side of your fears.

I can help you get there.