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"I've done a lot of workshops and seminars, I'm a coach myself, so I've seen what that process can be like. But I have yet to experience what I've experienced here!"


Emotional anguish to confidence and freedom in 8 weeks

Conor Bridgeman, Dublin, Ireland

Dominey is a healer in the true sense of the word. The things we address together are not just improved, they are healed – and their impact on my life is gone. To go from secretly believing that I was deserving of some punishment, reinforced for 40 years, to honest-to-God release was life-changing. That happened in a matter of a couple of sessions.

In 35 years of searching, this is the first time a diagnosis/ description has really fit, and consequently, this is the first time I have felt or believed that I actually have what I need to make lasting change. Dominey models in-the-moment authenticity herself. It is really quite disarming and magnetic. It is simple and safe to let down my guard with her.

Oddly, what was holding me back from the adventurous life of passion and energy that I was longing for was not mastering skills, but rather an awakening to what is already there. Tapping into why we do what we do is the key. I would never have gotten there on my own.

Aaron R.

Marni "The Wing Girl" Kinrys,

Dating Coach, L.A. CA.


“Thank you, Dominey. You helped me find a new life.”

Mark B


I’ve dealt with crippling anxiety and depression for the better part of 20 years – it was so bad I couldn’t even walk into a restaurant by myself. I saw therapists and psychiatrists who seemed to alleviate some pain but never get to the core of my issues.

The very first time I worked with Dominey she asked questions no one had ever asked, and gave me a perspective on my anxiety that I hadn’t gotten in 13 years of therapy. I’ve always had these voices in my head constantly talking and complaining, showing me the worst possible scenario.

And when Dominey told me this was fixable – that she no longer experiences those voices in her head, I was floored. The more I work with Dominey, the quieter those voices get and the more my relationship with my partner has improved.

Instead of harassing myself, suppressing my emotions, and reacting from past experiences, I’m learning to live in the present moment. My communication with my partner has never been better. For the first time in my life I feel like I’m actually living the life I create, not a life by default.

Caitlyn Wright, Los Angeles

“Working with Dominey has been one of the best investments that I’ve made. Her simplistic approach to working through difficult problems in my life is nothing short of brilliant. She talks less and listens more, but what she says when she says it is always on point. She has allowed me to find my own path, with her direction, to things that I’ve been searching for for a long time.”

Tim E.

“The extent to which you are unwilling to take responsibility for your life, is the exact extent to which you are are unable to fix it.”

– Dominey Drew

From frustrated, overwhelmed mom to on-fire business woman in weeks!

Elizabeth Burnworth, Asheville, NC

"Dominey’s Art of Authenticity is a very well thought out and skillfully designed course of introspection that will take you straight to the core of who you are in order to identify the true sources of your behavior patterns. By teaching you to tap into how these sources “feel” in your body rather than trying to gain an “intellectual understanding” of them, Dominey can then guide you to gaining a new perspective of who you are and how you interact with yourself and the world around you in a much more powerful, relaxed, and free expression because you are operating from a place that puts the focus the one thing that matters most to your experiencing peace and joy in this world, YOU. This is the single best investment you can make in yourself that will create lasting change in who you see yourself as being and how you interact with the world as that person. But the investment goes beyond money, be prepared to work ‘cause Dominey has a well honed and innate ability to take you deep down the rabbit hole. You definitely will not regret the investment you put into yourself."

Jed Davis, San Diego CA

I consider myself to be a late bloomer as well (first kiss at 17) and although I wasn't the 'chubby kid' I also had serious self image issues. I just plain thought that I was ugly. I was very shy and withdrawn in my adolescence and I had (and still deal with) a fear of attractive women. I believed it unfathomable that the women I was attracted to would be attracted to me. As it turns out, women did find me physically attractive, but because of my self image and low self esteem I'd disqualify myself and have botched many hookup situations as a result. Talk about creating your own reality. I'm still trying to forgive myself for some of those

Frank Stabile, Albuquerque NM

When Jonathan found me, he was stuck on a woman. So stuck he couldn't meet anyone else, couldn't focus on work, couldn't get her off his mind.

Within just a few weeks of working with me, he was completely past her, making more money and taking vacations to boot!

“Life changing course! After over a decade of counseling and more than a handful of counselors, I've made more progress in a few short months with Dominey than I did in all that time with all those other counselors.

No matter what you're wanting more of or less of in your life, this course can help you find it. Think of Dominey as a Sherpa helping you climb mount Everest (your mind and emotions). The course content is on point and will get to the root issues that cause trouble in your life. She will help you solve problems you didn't know you had, and you'll feel amazing in the end.

There's no price that would've been too high for the value she delivered. This course has verifiably changed my life.”

Joy Haley, Michigan

“Since I’ve been working with Dominey the growth I’ve experienced has been profound and truly life changing. I reached out to Dominey during a time of transition in my early adult life, when I was struggling with romantic relationships and finding myself at a fork in the road. I didn’t know what to expect from our work, but I began to experience profound shifts in my perceptions and experiences.As well as achieving the results I so desired in the beginning – ending old relationship patterns – and now finding myself in a loving, committed relationship, I have also come to know myself on a much deeper level. With Dominey as a supportive and knowledgeable guide, I have explored new perspectives, let go of limiting self beliefs, and most of all found ways to connect with my innate ability to shape and enrich my own life.”

Dani H

"Within just a couple weeks of working with Dominey, I could get past the loneliness, isolation and anxiety…

Suddenly girls notice and talk to me!

Every week I've worked with Dominey has brought revelation, after breakthrough, after triumph, after perspective. 

With her help I've gotten past abuse, rage, self-loathing, fear of rejection, social anxiety, the strong desire to drink or escape, and the crippling indecisiveness of my own mind.

There are no self help books (and I have read many), and no amount of introspection that will get you the results you will get working with Dominey."

Joshua Davis, Newport News

"I want to say thank you again for all of your time, patience and commitment to my journey through your course.

Best wishes!

Much love"

Aron De Simone

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