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By Stephanie Burns

Three Ways To Tell If You're Self-Sabotaging In Your Business

Human psychology and attraction facilitator Dominey Drew has studied self-sabotage and the power of the subconscious for a decade, and finds that people often operate from a “should” mindset based on how they were raised and what others around them are doing. Her advice? To replace the “should” with excitement. 

Aug 18, 2019

Thrive Global

By Lisa McDonald, Author, Writer, Speaker, Radio & TV Show Host, Mentor, Coach, #LivingFearlessly

The Art of Attraction with Relationship Coach Dominey Drew

Ever Wonder Why You Attract What You Don't Want – And – How To Change It?

Each week, I have the honour and the privilege to interface with the most fascinating and talented of people on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald – my global radio/podcast show! The ongoing calibre of experts, influencers, agents of change, top-tier people within their specific industry is mind-blowing! 

June 6, 2019



3 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Business (Without Even Knowing It)

Human psychology and self-sabotage expert Dominey Drew has seen plenty of this in her work helping entrepreneurs (and their businesses) overcome the obstacles they create for themselves.

October 6, 2019

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By Dominey Drew, Human Psychologist and Self-Sabotage Specialist at Art of Attraction

The Mysterious Art of Self-Sabotage

Whether it's relationships, business or our personal lives, humans are masters of the art of self-sabotage. In fact, it's the only problem you have. Here's what to do about it.

September 13, 2019

"Living Fearlessly" with Lisa McDonald

"Living Fearlessly" with Lisa McDonald – PODCAST

The Art of Attraction with Relationship Coach Dominey Drew

This week’s guest is sure to spark a lot of buzz and garner a lot of attention! Dominey Drew is in the Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald airwaves House – discussing her expertise as a Relationship Coach, who works with single men! Should be a fascinating conversation with many profound insights and shared perspectives!

May 2019 – 52 mins

Capital at Play

Insight: Confidence, Clarity, Purpose

Life, as the saying goes, is a journey, with all the accompanying unexpected twists, tangents, diversions, even U-turns. It can be an exhausting journey, too. Certain people, however, learn to maintain a particular vision or ideal—intuition, perhaps—from which they derive their strength.

July 2017

Psychology Today

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Psycology Today

Through a powerful process of inner evolution, I show you how to eliminate self-sabotage *permanently* so you can experience the confidence, freedom, and success you desire. Most people spend their lives struggling unnecessarily, never realizing that the struggle is self-created.

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Dominey Phipps Drew, MS

How To Achieve Radical Intimacy In 3 Easy Steps

The desire for authentic connection is one of the most natural impulses we have as human beings. It dates in part back to prehistoric times when traveling in nomadic tribes increased the likelihood of survival, and it is just as powerful and influential in our lives today.

2019, Jul 24

Be Your Own



Dominey Drew specialises in helping single men attract life partners through personal and relationship coaching. Her popular podcast and accelerated 8-week training program – The Art of Attraction – showcase her proven process that shows guys exactly how they’re unintentionally holding themselves back from getting what they really want!

September 26, 2018

Amber Brooks

Relationship Coach Dominey Drew Helps Men Improve Their Confidence to Enrich Their Dating Lives

Relationship coach Dominey Drew doesn’t merely advise couples; she practices what she preaches. When she began her work in the field 15 years ago, she was in a stage of her life that was similar to that of the men she coaches today.


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