I write and teach a lot about my work:

– how it works, 
– what results I’ve gotten, and 
– how it can work for you. 

But today, I wanted to do something a bit different.

I want you to hear from a real client of mine, who’s actually gotten those results, and can tell you for himself just how much his life has changed since he started working with me.

This is Josh.

When Josh came to me he was one of the most isolated beings I’d seen. His traumatic family history and horrific past relationship experiences had caused him to shut down, so much so that he described himself as a machine. He existed in a world of crippling anxiety, self-hatred, and bitter loneliness.

Then, he found me.

Within just a few weeks of working with me Josh’s world changed SO much that his father (whom I’d never met) actually reached out to me on Facebook. He said he’d never seen his son so happy, relaxed, empowered and thanked me for the work I was doing with him. 

But it went much further than that. 

Josh was soon attracting the attention of women he previously would never have imagined possible. He began to see himself as worthy and his fear of rejection melted away. After years of seeking help from books, counselors, pastors and friends, he’d never had results like these.

I thought it might be best to let Josh describe his own experiences working with me, so I’ve included his video here. 

In it, he covers: 

 – The soul-crushing state of isolation and anxiety he was in when I found him,

 – How he was able to move through issues he’d struggled with since childhood in just 2 weeks,

 – How women are now authentically drawn to him without him even trying!

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To Living Your Best Life!

-Dominey Drew, MSc.