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April 2019

How Josh went from crippling anxiety to wildly attractive in just 4 weeks!


I write and teach a lot about my work:- how it works, - what results I've gotten, and - how it can work for you. But today, I wanted to do something a bit different.I want you to hear from a real client of mine, who's actually gotten those results, and can tell you for himself just how much his life [...]

How Josh went from crippling anxiety to wildly attractive in just 4 weeks!2019-04-11T11:24:47-04:00

Is Loneliness Keeping You Single??


Did you know that loneliness can actually KEEP you single?? Why? Well, emotions are not just feelings, they have substance which means they also have inertia. So the more you spend time feeling something, the more you feel it. And if that feeling is loneliness, then this negates any momentum you had toward getting OUT [...]

Is Loneliness Keeping You Single??2019-04-01T14:09:38-04:00

March 2019

Do Nice Guys REALLY Finish Last?


I bet you hear this from women all the time:"You're such a nice guy, but..."The dreaded 'nice guy' trap.I cannot tell you how many men I speak to who tell me, "women don't want nice guys, they want **ssholes.". Well, that's not actually the case, but it can look that way from your perspective.Because you keep [...]

Do Nice Guys REALLY Finish Last?2019-03-26T13:56:19-04:00

How our past experiences keep us single


One of the main things that keeps us single is our past negative experiences. We look at our past experiences, analyze what happened logically, then adjust our future behavior to avoid what we think caused that relationship to fail. Sounds like it makes sense, right?But it will fail Every. Single. Time.Why? Because we're reaching the wrong conclusions!We [...]

How our past experiences keep us single2019-03-18T14:58:39-04:00

Are you waiting for a woman, to be happy?


The other day, a client told me: “I need a girlfriend. When I have a girlfriend, I will be happy.”Oooooh man! This kind of thinking is so common, but incredibly flawed. Here’s why:The moment you start putting the responsibility of your own happiness on to someone else, it’s a slippery slope. Because it’s flat out NOT someone [...]

Are you waiting for a woman, to be happy?2019-03-18T14:49:09-04:00

February 2019

How Is Impatience Keeping You Single?


The other day I received a message in my Art of Attraction Facebook group that's exclusively for current clients. In it, a client of mine revealed a revelation he'd had from one of our powerful coaching calls around impatience and how it was keeping him single. And I asked him if I could share it with you [...]

How Is Impatience Keeping You Single?2019-03-18T13:58:49-04:00

Is a lack of trust keeping you single??


Hey guys! I woke up this morning thinking about the podcast episode I recorded last week on trust. In it, I talked about how lack of trust is one of the main ways that people keep themselves single - and it’s true. Make no mistake: if you’ve been hurt before and are walking around in life [...]

Is a lack of trust keeping you single??2019-03-18T13:51:06-04:00

CLIENT STORY: How is Your Subconscious Keeping You Single?


The other day I asked one of my clients: “If I introduced you to your perfect woman right now, what would you do?    He said, “I’d find a way to push her away.” !!!!!!! Well THAT was revealing. This man has wanted a partner and family for YEARS and despite being a great guy, he [...]

CLIENT STORY: How is Your Subconscious Keeping You Single?2019-03-18T15:07:13-04:00

Met a girl? Don’t lose her!


Recently a client came to me not because he was single and looking, but because he’d FOUND her - the woman of his dreams. So why was this man calling me instead of reclining with his dream girl on a beach somewhere? Well, she wasn’t responding to him the way he wanted - she liked [...]

Met a girl? Don’t lose her!2019-03-18T13:21:46-04:00

Frustrated To Be Facing Valentine’s Day Alone Again? GOOD.


Why Valentine's Day Unhappiness is the BEST Are you tired of bracing yourself for the hype of Valentine's day year after year? What if you could be planning a weekend getaway with the woman of your dreams instead? THERE'S STILL TIME. ------------------------------------------------------ Look, I understand how you must be feeling: lonely, frustrated, and frankly, probably ready [...]

Frustrated To Be Facing Valentine’s Day Alone Again? GOOD.2019-03-18T13:23:57-04:00